We have a constant flow of new inquiries thanks to ExaWeb. They implemented an online marketing campaign that convert leads into customers.

I-dea Catalysts
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The Brief

I-Dea Catalysts, a design and build company in the Philippines, wanted to attract new customers who would avail of their modular kitchen, retail store, and interior design services through the help of search engine optimization (SEO).


Attract new visitors and generate fresh leads.


Our team utilized SEO by optimizing each and every page of its website with proper title, description, and keywords. Our SEO also focused on acquiring relevant link opportunities both local and international.


In less than a couple of months time, the website already ranked on Google Page 1 for relevant keywords. Average monthly visitors is about 700. Per visit, they read 2 pages and stay on the site for almost 2 minutes. 81% of monthly visitors are new users and almost 75% of the monthly traffic comes from the search engines, particularly Google.

Ranks on Page 1

81% New Visits per Month

75% Search Engine Traffic


It currently ranks on Google Page 1 for relevant keywords including its images.

Search Ranking

81% of monthly visitors are fresh leads.

Acquisition Overview

Almost 75% of monthly traffic comes from search engines.