57% Search Traffic is Mobile

For years, people have been warning us that eventually there would be a big change to the way that we look after for searches on the internet. In fact, it was a statement made when the tech revolution first kicked off; that within a very short space of time, we would see more traffic and more people using the internet on mobile devices than we would on a desktop device.

And it makes sense, right? You can do it on the train, in bed, on the toilet, on the couch, wherever. With a PC, you need to be physically present and using the hardware to make it work accordingly. However, a study was released in August 2017 that showed that a good chunk over half – 57% – of all search traffic now comes from a mobile device.

Think it sounds too much? Just think about how much searching you do on your phone. From checking out sports scores to looking up promos and deals right down to just settling an argument with a friend or loved one, you can find that using a mobile device is much easier to search on for a short and simple query than it is to fire up the PC and do it from there.

Over time, this is sure to make a wholesale change to the way that you work and the way that you handle yourself. BrightEdge believe that we are already at the point whereby the vast majority of people are looking to make those small searches using a mobile device.

This is also going to have a major effect on how keywords are used and analyzed. It’s also going to see the results we get change and adjust depending on the device used to carry out the said search.

It only means that the revolutionary shouts of mobile taking over desktop came a lot faster than most predicted. If you do mobile search, then there is a good chance that you are now with the majority. However, the death of the PC has been somewhat exaggerated since this message came out, and it means nowhere near as much in terms of a death knell for this particular industry.

This also means that brands will need to become used to being optimized for both mobile and desktop users. So, the old days of having one website design is gone; now you need to look at what keywords your campaigns are using and where they rank on a mobile device.

Yes, it means having to make more investment into marketing but it also means more opportunities to turn that marketing into a sale or a long-term customer. Marketers should be looking to assess as much detail and information from these searches as they can.

Such dynamics are going to play an absolutely essential role in how visible a business is.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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