Social Media Marketing Packages in the Philippines

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Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media is one of the most efficient communication channels right now across the world and in the Philippines. It brings you closer to your customers and it allows you to engage in a more personal level. It is logical that you want your company to have presence in the largest social networks today via social media marketing.

Our social media team of specialists are experienced in the social world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Our social media marketing service involves analyzing your social media pages, creating strategies to fit your brand’s personality and your audience.

With our service, you will see increase brand awareness, more engagement within your community, and more inquiries. This will drive more fans and followers to your business as they will know what your company is all about, what products you are offering for sale, and the up to the minute update in your business.

You should try social media marketing because you can specifically target your market, your business will enjoy increased exposure, and it could be another tool for customer service.


With the Philippines’ population of over 100 million, more than half (51 million) are monthly active Facebook users, according to Facebook.

That’s why it is but reasonable for your company to have an online presence and be where your clients are. Also, your customers will be thankful that you can respond in “real-time” and engage with them directly.

On a daily basis, managing your social media accounts may sound easy but it could present a problem especially if it takes too much of your time from doing your work. Hence, at ExaWeb, we will help you engage with your customers with the eventual goal of converting the potential clients into a paying one.

Our packages also include:
  • Page Creation
  • Page Customization
  • Content Creation
  • Integration with other Social Media accounts
  • Integration with website
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting

What is Social Media?

Social media refers to sites that lets users to share, connect and simply network online. You can also discover information, read and share content, view pictures, watch videos, learn about news, etc.

We think that social media has become popular as it allows users to build relationships over common interests. You can form relationships for personal or business use.

What is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is one aspect of Search Engine Marketing. In SMM, it emphasizes more on engaging with your audience and sharing content with them. Meanwhile, SEM is on a much broader scale as it can cover other facets of internet marketing including but not limited to SEO, PPC, etc.

Are there other fees that we should know of?

There are no setup fees and no hidden charges.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM is the method of using social media sites in order to promote and make known a product, service or brand.

Social Media Marketing gives brands the ability to harness the power of social media network as they can reach numerous potential clients daily. All over the world, the number of people using social media have exceeded 1 billion.

Social media users believe that a company should have a presence in social media and be able to interact with its users. Also, they feel a stronger connection whenever a business can engage with them in the online environment.

When utilized correctly, SMM bridges the connection between the business to potential and current customers. Brands can promote, get feedback, persuade, inform, and connect with social media users easily.

Social Media Marketing lets users know about the brands, allows companies to connect with their market, etc.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Aside from generating traffic, you can connect with users via social media marketing. With social media websites, you can share and promote content with potential customers online.

You can use social media to network and engage with your audience as well as build relationships with prospective clients. Use it correctly and your brand will be more recognized, your reach will increase, and you have access to connect with a huge number of audience.