SEO Packages in the Philippines

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Ideal for companies with marketing budget for 6 months.



Ideal for large enterprises with a marketing budget for a year.

Keyword Research
  • In any SEO campaign, one of the most significant steps is selecting what keywords and key phrases you want to rank for. At ExaWeb, we consider a number of factors on deciding what searches are the most relevant to your business. We take a look at the search volume, competition and purpose. Once we’ve decided on the most valuable keywords, we’ll then develop an effective strategy. So that when someone searches for your keywords, they will wind up on your website.
Integrated Digital Strategy
  • This is a program that will convey our plans for your online marketing campaign. It will cover objectives and all of the activities that we plan on doing.
Link Building
  • Although there are a lot of factors considered by search engines, the number of high quality links pointing to your site carries the most weight. Link building is a vital part of any SEO campaign. If you already have a website and have performed link building before, we’ll assess the quality of your current links. This will make sure that you are adhering to Google’s guidelines and not penalized.
More than SEO
  • SEO has evolved so much that it’s not all about ranking and link building. In the long term, what’s more important is your bottom line. SEO has affected other marketing fields. So, with each package you choose, you will get a professional team that will invest their time to understand your business and will monitor how you can improve your profits. We will be your business partner online.

Constant Care
  • SEO is neither a limited-edition type of campaign nor a set-and-forget activity. It will take some time (months) to reach your targets. Since SEO algorithm is ever changing, this will mean we need to adapt to those changes. No matter what kind of SEO package you pick, rest assured that you will get an all-inclusive care from our team. We will create content that people want to read. Also, we will carefully keep an eye on your progress, so that everything is running smoothly according to our plan. We will implement white-hat marketing, ongoing link building, and monthly reporting. The quality of our SEO will progressively build your website’s ranking, visitors, engagement, and bottom line. You do not have to worry each time Google sends out an update in its algorithms.

How many keywords can I target?

We will not put a limit on the number of keywords you can target. We will just recommend a set of keywords that we think could give you the highest return on your investment, taking into account the search volume, competition, and most importantly, your budget.

How did you come up with the monthly price?

There is no single formula or method that will work in SEO. It is a combination of approaches. Each business is different, meaning every campaign is unique. Our packages does not center on a particular list of additions with a set price. Instead, they are time-based. If you invest more with us, you will get more of our time – plain and simple.

How long will it take?

First, we’ll do a research on your business, review your current website (if any), study which keywords are relevant to your company, and analyze your competition. Then, we’ll strategize and run through our plans for your campaign. Once you give the go signal on the strategy, we’ll start working on your SEO.

Are there other fees that we should know of?

There are no setup fees and no hidden charges.

SEO companies are everywhere. Why should we choose you?

We have the experience as we’ve been doing SEO since 2009. Also, we have managed a lot of campaigns for different companies in various locations worldwide. You can check our portfolio and see the results we’ve delivered to our clients.

Precisely, what will you do?

We are transparent with our clients and we will only work following the guidelines set by the search engines. Our strategies are white-hat as we based it on quality content, search engine friendly web design, and legitimate relationship building. Each of our SEO campaign includes the services mentioned above.

When can I see the results?

Each business is different. It will depend on a lot of factors as well. An already high-authority website with little to no competition would see results quickly. A new website, however, with high competition and a common offering might not see the results as fast. In our previous projects, it takes months but no one can guarantee results.