Email Marketing Packages in the Philippines

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Ideal for companies with marketing budget for 6 months.



Ideal for large enterprises with a marketing budget for a year.

Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an effective way of generating sales through the use of email. It is also an efficient method of making conversions online. With Email Marketing, you can directly send your message to a targeted group of people.

At ExaWeb, we offer an Email Marketing service which only uses the best practices in mind. We will personalize and deliver quality email that will promote your product and service. It is like speaking directly to your customers and getting better results. Translate conversations to conversion with our integrated email marketing service.

Our packages also include:
  • Send-from your preferred email address
  • List Management
  • Customized Email Template
  • Generating of email subscription leads
  • Email copywriting
  • Scheduling of Email
  • Campaign Tracking and Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting


A good Email Marketing campaign will involve creating and developing a list of your customers. We can also help in building your online presence by implementing strategies that will increase the number of your subscribers and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Why use Email Marketing?

Email marketing is faster and cheaper than the traditional snail mail. It also enhances your relationship with your subscribers and customers. Further, it is one of the most personal form of digital marketing as you can personalize your emails. Lastly, it encourages a loyal following and repeat business from your clients.

How do I grow my email marketing list?

One of the basic ways is to make an offer (an article, an ebook, etc. or any form of content that is not accessible immediately). The catch is users need to give out their email address to access the content. There are other ways of growing your email database and we can help you with that.

How do I make sure I don't land in the spam folder?

Make sure your email list are opt-in to hear from your company and work only on the list that you built yourself. Do not buy or rent email lists. Also, by following best practices, you will not land in the spam folder. Identify your identity in the sender name, allowing unsubscription, personalize your emails, and not bombarding your list.

Are there other fees that we should know of?

There are no setup fees and no hidden charges.

How do you do email marketing?

We use MailChimp. If you have an existing list of subscribers, we will import it and manage it from there. We can also customize the design of email templates to fit your brand. Further, we will add links to your social media accounts and website in the email. Lastly, we will track and optimize the campaign to give a better return on your investment.

How often should I be sending emails?

It depends. Only send email as often as your list wants to hear from you. You will only be able to find out by running tests.

What time should I send my email?

According to MailChimp, the best time you should send an email is right after lunch in the early part of the afternoon. Why? Because you do not want to compete with the emails sent first thing in the morning.

What’s the best day to send an email?

It varies. If you are a Business to Consumer marketer, you might find the best day during evenings or weekends. If you are a Business to Business marketer, weekdays are good except on Mondays.