50% of Search Results in Google Page 1 Has SSL (HTTPS)

  • April 30, 2017
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Over the last few years, as the smartphone industry has taken off and more people spend time online, internet security has become a much bigger, broader topic than it once was. With people now realizing that it isn’t just the big names or people who make themselves noticeable that are the target, too, more people than ever want to know that the sites they are visiting on the internet are safe. For most people, this means looking out for an SSL certificate to let you know that the site is secure and that your information and details are safe from being hacked, phished or used in any way.

For those who are unsure, a website that has an SSL certification is known by the fact that it has an https:// URL instead of just a plain http:// URL. Also, on modern search engines like Google Chrome, this shows a small green padlock next to the name of the site that says Secure. Basically, you are in a position where you know that the site is safe and that you can successfully come and use it without any problems.

With the rise in online usage and internet standards, this has seen a change in the way that people view internet security. For example, would you be shocked to know that 50% – half – of site that you will find on the first page of Google search engine result page is secured by a SSL certificate?

Basically, Google now looks to make sure that you are as safe as possible online. It can give you the chance to really change where you are at with regards to people feeling safe about your site.

Why SSL Certificate & HTTPS Certification Matters

  1. For your reputation. If you sell any kind of product, then nobody will buy from you if you lack SSL certification. It’s that simple. Nobody feels comfortable buying from someone if they cannot give them a guarantee – which SSL is – that their details are kept private and secure across the board.
  2. It matters for purposes of insurance. It would be very hard to get any kind of help or assistance to cover a fraud of theft case if your website is set up to take payments and details but it lacks any kind of SSL certification.
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  4. It matters for your own confidence. How would you feel if you go to a website and you see it is not secure? It makes most people stop in their tracks. Just know that your own business is literally less likely to succeed if you do not use HTTPS certification to get that added protection.
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So, now that you know it gets you a minor boost in rank if you invest in an SSL certificate and make your website secure with HTTPS, when will you start migrating?

Source: Moz

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