Study Shows Links Still Play Major Role in Search Engine Rankings

The world of search engine ranking has been changing on a regular basis. It’s like any kind of marketing. Recent studies have showed that links are still a prominent part of the search engine industry. This study, carried out by Stone Temple Consulting, shows that links still plays a huge role in how search engines ranks websites.

It is also important to note that a search engine ranking will play a major role even if your content has no links in it yet. While links do play a big part in your ranking factor, link-free content will not be blacklisted or ignored for lacking a bit of extra content to help sell the story and to help make sure it can be portrayed in the right light.

So, it’s vital that you keep on doing link building. Many businesses have shown a lack of appreciation for the lack of power that search engine rankings hold, and this does a rather fine job of enveloping just how wrong that lack of interest in search engine rankings has been in the past.

Thanks to this study, we can see clearly now why so many are choosing to turn to search engine rankings in the long run. Links will always remain a major part of the ranking factors and it’s unlikely that – given they have provided previous studies with a similar response since 2015 – shows links still matter.

Partly thanks to their rather tight-lipped nature on what is a major part in ranking factors, most are not 100% sure what to think of link building process in the long run. Studies have shown for some time that links are still as powerful.

So, while content without links is still capable of being high ranked and successful, they do play a major role in how a page is perceived. With relevant links that match up with the subject matter at hand, a business can see content soar on search engines when they use good links to help fill out information and enlighten their readership.

This explains why you should keep on doing link building. Just make sure the links are relevant or related in your industry, or it adds value to your readers.

Source: Search Engine Land

Get More Interactions with Google Posts

Thanks to these fresh features, you should be able to easily give people access to time-related events or something new that your local business is offering. With this, you should find it much easier to:

  1. Share high quality special deals, seasonal promotions and much more. It will help make sure that customers can find these with a simple look at your business on Google. It also earns loyalty and could draw in new customers across the board.
  2. To showcase the latest products that you have out at the moment.
  3. Choose one of the easiest ways for people to contact you and take action, from giving them a chance to buy the product now to sign up for a newsletter or even just make a reservation at a restaurant.
  4. Show off new events and get as many people as you can who might be interested in upcoming shows and program. It helps build hype and excitement about what is to come in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Google Posts today, you won’t regret it!

Source: Search Engine Land

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Google Local Business URLs Now Lets You Add Links

Google Local Business has been one of the most useful tools for marketers and businesses to help show off their products and services online. One feature that many of its users have wanted to see installed for some time is the ability to add links.

Well, Google have listened and this feature has now been added. Currently, you can add quick links or local business URLs to your listing for easier reservations, ordering and more.

Local Business URLs

Google Local Business just became more user-friendly for your average small to medium sized business. Now, specifically categorized businesses – such as a restaurant, to name but one example – can start to add new kinds of URLs to their profiles. For example, you could now hyperlink a landing page to the ‘Make an Order’ page or to your Menu page or even to a Reservations page. You have more control to market the most effective and useful features that encourages the user to take action and see what you are offering.

This can mean everything from placing a secure online order to making an appointment and ensuring that it is set in stone. This feature is a welcome addition as call to actions will be more prominent and users will be linked directly to the necessary page. Talk about providing great user experience.

We can now see a new way in how we use our Google Local Business pages. From changing how people can get access to the menu to how they reserve a spot or a table, companies such as restaurants and bars should find it much easier to advertise their services. Users will immediately get the information they need with little to no hassle.

How to Add URLs to your Listing

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.
  2. Choose the Google My Business listing that you want to edit.
  3. Click into the URLs section.
  4. Enter your URLs in the appropriate fields.
  5. Click Apply.

So, start to take some time getting used to improving your business listings online starting with Google Local Business. When utilized fully, this can be a great way to attract new customers.

Source: Google

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