How to Build Proper Anchor Text Ratios

  • December 15, 2016
  • SEO
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For anyone who is trying to help improve their website’s online visibility, one of the most important things that you can monitor is the distribution of anchor text ratios. While many people don’t really get what this means – and many downright misinterpret SEO experts by telling them how to manage anchor text ratios – it’s a common argument that can come up between SEO specialists, SEO consultants, SEO companies and its clients.

In short, some webmasters misunderstand entirely what they should do with anchor text ratios and they do not know the best practices. Many assume that they should just pollute the internet with their brand name, as a myth exists that Google will kick your ass if you use anything other than your clear brand name or branded anchor text. This isn’t true.

Making the Most of Anchor Text Ratios

If you want to make the most of using anchor text, then you should be looking to make sure that all anchor text is:

  1. Entirely natural. It should be part of the content when you are writing as a kind of “oh yeah, good time to mention that” instead of being the sole reason for the piece.
  2. If you are writing content just to get an exact match anchor text, then you are doing it way off the mark.
  3. In fact, just one fifth of your anchor text should be a branded link to your content – other than that, it has to be more natural.
  4. Many people think anchor text usage of just plain URL is wrong; that should literally be one fifth of your anchor text usage, as much as the branded stuff.
  5. Occasionally, you should be using things like ‘Click Here’ and ‘Learn More’ probably about 5-10% of your anchor text usage.
  6. In terms of anchor text keywords, many clients flip out when they see them being used as they fear it is ‘tricking’ people – it’s absolutely 100% not. Putting anchor text on a keyword makes obvious sense as it’s A) relevant to the link and B) relevant to your site. How is that tricking anyone?

In essence, if you are trying to force your content and your anchor links with branded content only, you may be doing it all wrong. The more balanced and diversified it is, people assume, the more regular they are, they believe, the more successful it will be.

We don’t know if you have noticed, but the digital marketing industry, particularly SEO, is constantly changing. The main rule is if it looks natural and sounds natural, then it’s much more likely to pay off for you in the long run.

Don’t stuff your content with branded anchor text only; a healthy mix of naked anchor links, branded content, normal links and blog title with keywords is a good starting point. Remember, if it feels unnatural, change it up.

Source: Webris

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