How to Become an SEO Expert

  • June 19, 2016
  • SEO
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How to Become an SEO Expert

The world of SEO has been one that many people are afraid to go near since it is complex and hard to understand. Given the fact the entire ideology seems to change quite dramatically over time, too, it also become very hard to become noticeably consistent with your SEO results without adapting to change.

The easiest way on how to become an SEO expert is to quite simply build your content around a specific range of ideas and suggestions. Basically, your content should first ask a question and then pose the answer to the readers – this is more or less the essence of good content today. Instead of building your content around arbitrary keywords you can turn to specific keywords and turn them into a genuine question.

Let’s suggest that you are interested in becoming an SEO expert – how did you decide to find out more about that? It’s likely that you clicked on Google and just asked that question. This is perhaps how you found your way here – it wasn’t because this article spams keywords or because of any stroke of luck.

This was literally designed to be a location that shows you how to answer that question. Targeting a keyword is no more than just making sure you answer a question that could be posed by that keyword.

For example, you could be building a website around the health benefits of eating tomatoes. You will then look for any tomato based keywords and questions – you then provide content that answers these questions. It’s very simple!

All it takes is a willingness is to do some writing and to give out some helpful facts. No more trying to blend in keywords with some really false sounding sentences and no more running around trying to build 10-15 pages for each keyword you want to target. A simple and smart article is going to be enough to give out the information that someone will need, and will definitely help you start ranking.

The major factor that comes into play when you want to be a good SEO expert is writing engaging content. Instead of using that keyword X amount of times for every 100 words, why not try and instead include content that answers the actual question that was being posed?

Personally, I became an SEO expert in the Philippines by watching tutorials, reading articles, and then applying what I learn on my websites. I’ve been doing SEO since 2009 and I must say that experience is really the best teacher.

Being an SEO expert today merely takes 100% effort!

Image courtesy of Josh MacDonald on Flickr.

Pat is a 29-year-old digital marketing specialist. He co-founded ExaWeb, a team of SEO experts and specialists in the Philippines, which provides online marketing services to local and international clients.

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