Google My Business adds ‘family-led’ attribute to business listings

Here is how you can add a ‘family-led’ attribute to your Google Maps and local search business listings.

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Restaurant Owners Can Edit Menu Listings Now in Google My Business

This latest announcement from Google My Business is a major coup for the restaurant owners out there ripping their hair out at menu mistakes. Now, you should be much more likely to put together a full restaurant list with your menus easy to edit and adjust as you had intended.

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Google My Business Video Upload Available Now to Business Owners

For some time now, users of Google My Business have wanted to have access to video content. We all know the unique and impressive power that video media can have when marketing a business. So, the latest announcement from Google My Business team member Allyson Wright is one to be celebrated.

With so many people requesting that the feature be installed, this is now finished being tested and implemented. This landmark new feature will be one to use for any business wanting to use video to help advertise their products and services. According to Allyson, users will be able to:

view videos added by customers and upload videos about their business for customers to view,

This is a major improvement to the system and should go some way to helping give websites with media marketing an opportunity to showcase their quality offering. With videos capped at 30 seconds in length, it’s important that Google My Business users appreciate these limitations.

Indeed, it can also take up to 24-hours for a video to appear once it has been put up online. Don’t expect the upload to happen immediately.

We know that videos will be able to easily be grouped together under the Videos tab. This will make it easy for viewers and users to help find the content that they need as soon as possible. Also, this is not only just for the business itself – but also for the customer.

Customer uploaded videos will come under “Customer” tabs, while Merchant uploaded content will come under the “Owner” tab. Anyone who is looking to utilize Google My Business for promotion and reputation management should find these useful new features very impressive.

If you are interested in making your business work better, faster and smarter then Google My Business is essential. As a marketing tool, the use of videos could play a major role in helping to improve the way in which your business operates and markets itself moving forward.

Of course, with this new feature also comes some new features of moderation. For example, merchants will be able to flag inappropriate content through the dashboard. This will make it easy for those who come across videos that don’t fit the narrative or are incorrect/offensive to have them taken down.

Google My Business: How to Upload Video

To add a video to your Google My Business page, you just need to:

  1. Log in and go to Google My Business dashboard.
  2. From the dashboard, you can visit the Photos > Video link to begin adding video content.
  3. Simply select the video that you would like to upload and hit Post Video.
  4. If you have an existing video already, just click the Plus (+) sign on the upper right corner.

Simple, right?

Source: Search Engine Land

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Google My Business Offers Live Editing in Search Results

For any business that is making the most of Google My Business to help promote themselves, a new online update arrived in September 2017 that helped to change how you use and edit your placing on Google My Business. Any local business that uses this channel should be looking for ways to make their editing and account management as simple as possible, and that has now become so much easier when you are on the go.

This makes it easy for you to just log in, type in the name of your venue and then hit the ‘Edit Info’ button and begin making the adjustments that you wish. This is useful for you to make sure that you can edit your Google My Business info on the go and to avoid any problems being found.

This allows for faster, simpler and stress-free editing that removes much of the challenge and stress that you are likely to deal with as the time goes on. It’s been underway since the summer of 2017, but it’s only now hitting the ‘shelves’ online for Google My Business users in September.

Despite seeming like a small adjustment, this is a big change and it will make editing so much quicker. According to Google, now “you can complete and enhance your listing, share photos and posts related to your business, and see how many views you’re getting.”

Modernize your Google My Business on the Go

Sounds useful, right? Now, you can make sure that you have on-the-go analytics about performance. Just shot a wonderful 4K-quality snap of the outside of your business? Then get it up online and show everyone how proud you are of your venue!

This is a super-simple tactic; one that allows you to easily make a big change to how you work and how you go about preparing yourself generally. You can make sure that you have total control editorially over your Google My Business profile wherever you are.

Got a great new idea? Want to add a new quote or something extra to the site? A new photo from a happy customer? Currently, all of this can be done in a matter of seconds. In truth, this is one of the most effective ways that you can improve how easily you can edit, improve and overall maintain your content.

In the past, great ideas and inspiration would need to hold until you sat down at the PC with a notebook and a cup of coffee. Today, you can make sure that those ideas and inspirations are added instantly. It ensures that you never forget about a smart marketing plan or anything of the sort.

Over time, it can really transform the quality of your Google My Business profile!

Source: Search Engine Land

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Google Posts: Live for Google My Business Users

After what feels like many years of waiting, the new Google Posts feature has finally become live for all Google My Business users. This long-awaited feature has been in the back-burner for some time and can be enjoyed by anyone using Google My Business. This latest part of the platform, Google Posts, is already a massive hit with those who have used it. It plays a prominent role in adjusting how all small businesses can utilize their Google My Business listing.t.

Thanks to this new rollout, all you need to do now is log into your account and the head on over to the new Posts section, wedged comfortably between Home and Info.

This can also be done on both mobile and desktop devices, so you should find it easy to make a change and alter the way how your pages look whether you are in the house or in the office.

These new features will help make sure that you can create more content for anyone checking out your Google My Business page. When you start to write up a post, you now get the option to include a 300-word post, an image or an event title with a start and end time. This is very useful for making sure that you can get people interested in what you are up to, while also offering a little call-to-action for things like Reserve, Buy, Get Offer and Learn More. This makes it easy to get people excited about what is in store for them.

Get More Interactions with Google Posts

Thanks to these fresh features, you should be able to easily give people access to time-related events or something new that your local business is offering. With this, you should find it much easier to:

  1. Share high quality special deals, seasonal promotions and much more. It will help make sure that customers can find these with a simple look at your business on Google. It also earns loyalty and could draw in new customers across the board.
  2. To showcase the latest products that you have out at the moment.
  3. Choose one of the easiest ways for people to contact you and take action, from giving them a chance to buy the product now to sign up for a newsletter or even just make a reservation at a restaurant.
  4. Show off new events and get as many people as you can who might be interested in upcoming shows and program. It helps build hype and excitement about what is to come in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Google Posts today, you won’t regret it!

Source: Search Engine Land

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